Friday, 4 May 2012

My map of Mountain Valley

My map of mountain valley 

This is my map, it has a compass, directions, symbols and titles. I did it using the big interactive whiteboard of Mr M's.
Here is a recorded message about the map.> 

Here is a link to a recording website Vocaroo

This is Mountain Valley on Google maps

This is where it is located in N.Z (The red cursor with the A is where Mountain Valley is and the B is where we start from)

By Sam.


  1. Fantastic mapping post, Sam.

    You have explained your map and the well-chosen Google maps very well! I can tell you really enjoyed this.

  2. Cool Samuel, you did really good clear speaking. Did your map take you a while to do?

  3. Awesome Samuel,
    I love your map and it sure dos match the computer copy.
    I love the colors and was it hard to draw.